Rilee Jackson Demo Reel 2017

Title/Job: Director and Editor

Locations: Orlando & Winter Park FL, Yorktown VA

Description: This demo reel features projects that I worked on during the mid to end of the 2016 year. Projects within this reel are those of local concerts, school projects, and side projects such as a music video. The audience I want to focus on with this reel is more-so musicians and artists alike.

My passion for music and the visual arts are used together in hopes of working on music-promotional, music video, music documentaries, and more in the future. Although I love combining music with video, I am also passionate about video editing: no matter what the content is.

A strong suit of mine is figuring out new editing techniques and styles in order to enhance my video editing ability. All projects are different, so it’s important to learn new ways, whether it be editing or directing, to make those projects better than the ones before.