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5 Sick Music Video Editing Effects

5 Editing Effects Using Adobe Premiere Pro

Music Video Editing Effect Tutorial

This video is a helpful tool for those who want to create and add simple, yet captivating effects for their next music video. Effects in this tutorial include: Strobe/Flicker, Film Leader/Reel Overlay, Time Echo, Cinematic Color Grading, and Animated Scribble. All of these effects can be done within Adobe Premiere Pro and requires no plugins which is great for those who are trying to learn Premiere Pro. However, these effects can also be created with the help of Adobe After Effects if desired.


Movie Review

‘Gifted’ (2017)

“Your niece may be gifted.”

Gifted (2017)

This emotional and touching film is one that I was surprised to enjoy as much as I did. Watching the trailer made me interested to go see this movie, but I wasn’t so excited to see it that I had to see it the day it was released in theaters. As expected, this was an emotional and loving story that was raw and true. The trailer, in my opinion, does not do the film justice.

The chemistry between the characters, especially between Chris Evans’ character (Frank) and Mckenna Grace’s character (Mary), is phenomenal and really makes this film what it is.  In addition, the overall story-line is more than what is presented in the film’s trailer. However, the main and deeper story-line kind of takes a little while to come through. The film doesn’t necessarily drag on, but it could definitely have gotten to the root of the film a little faster.

All in all, I give this film 4 1/2 out of 5 stars.






Local Band Signs to Fueled By Ramen

“Power to the Local Dreamer”

Local Band Signs to Fueled By Ramen from Reel Bear Media on Vimeo.

This video is very special to me. To this day I still get chills and a little teary eyed whenever I watch it. This video is what made me decide and understand that my passion lies in the visual arts and the music industry. I first saw this band at a local show in Virginia in 2013. Before Tyler, lead singer of Twenty One Pilots, walked off stage, he said these four words that stuck with me: Power to the Local Dreamer. Ever since that show and ever since I first discovered this video, I knew I had to chase after my dream.